these two came together to provide top quality full-spectrum CBD products designed specifically for Veterans. It all started because of Kaine’s service in the Iraq war. After bravely serving his country in two different military tours, he came back and followed a path that too many brave veterans know. PTSD, nightmares, a caged soul, and a mind still living in a constant war-zone. 

Given prescriptions and opioids, fighting suicide, losing a sense of self – the battle at home was almost as tough if not tougher than the battle in Iraq. That was until he discovered cannabis. And it freed him. After recovering, freeing his soul, and liberating his mind – Kaine “Kong” Marzola teamed up with his good friend Mario Gonzalez, an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur and hustler to create Veteran’s Vitality CBD. Launched in November 2018, Veteran’s Vitality CBD hopes to bring a greater quality of life to all veterans.

As our name implies we approach philanthropy with an entrepreneurial mindset. This encompasses working with both nonprofits and businesses to maximize mutual benefits. As you can imagine that covers quite a bit of territory.

With education as a core value we offer access and awareness of a variety of learning opportunities provided directly by TPF or one of our professional industry partners. Topics cover a wide spectrum and valuable for everyone not just nonprofits.

Awareness and marketing has been identified as the #1 challenge on many levels. The world needs to hear your story! TPF utilizes several strategies to build awareness via direct marketing, events, social media platforms and building community engagement. Become a part of our story.

Find what you need or BE the resource. Find services, products, books and more as we try to support organization and individual development. TPF can’t provide it all however realizes the community is rich with resources. Be a part of the TPF HUB.

Trauma is a global health epidemic.  Too often misdiagnosed as mental illness or addiction, and seldom recognized as the source of most health issues, violent acts and self-destructive behaviors (the victim becomes the predator).  

Traveling the globe to bring T.R.Y. workshops and classes to more people in more places through our direct training offered to anyone working to heal from trauma or those caring for someone affected by trauma or living in crisis. 

Offering trainings in as many communities as possible and keeping those trained, communicating with each other well informed on the latest techniques, research and improvements to the T.R.Y. method, forming an effective organized T.R.Y. of healers around the globe facilitating classes in the T.R.Y. method of yoga science and connecting them with the communities and spaces where they are most needed.

To raise the I.Q. of emotional intelligence globally inspiring compassion with ripples of healing pain, disease, suffering, isolation and violence. Calling into action, acceptance and empathy, social justice and shared experience without fear of judgment or shame, empowering others while inspiring a more inclusive society.

22 Warriors Foundation

To raise awareness of this devastating epidemic and make 22 go to ZERO! Close your eyes and imagine TWENTY-TWO Veterans losing their battle to stay alive every single day. However a more accurate number is 35 or higher if you include older Veterans, less than honorably discharged Veterans and those lost to drug and alcohol related deaths. The truth is, whether it is today’s Veterans, or those from any conflict and combat action; one suicide or forgotten Vet is unacceptable! The haunting devastation that lies behind each suicide must be addressed.